Fiddlewood: Chapter Six


A journey of everlasting existence

Camille played with 5-Year-Old Con until nightfall cast a metallic film over the world, setting the stage for her to take him to the top of a hill that was free of overhanging trees, so she could use the stars and the moon to show him her secret. The tiny spots of light that dotted the night’s sky twinkled endlessly, telling the stories of every set of lovers to have ever admired their glow. If one star burned out and raced across the everlasting expanse towards its new life, a new star would take its spot on the canvas and light the universe with its own unique glow. The stars showed the death and birth of two separate beings that are both different and the same – two entities transcending into a new life. Camille explained to 5-Year-Old Con that when a being embraces its new form in its new world pieces of its former consciousness fade away to make room for new knowledge that would better serve the new life. Only the most important aspects of each life, the memories that were dearest, remain constant during the being’s transgression from death to new life, ensuring that they always maintain the core of who they are as they travel through realities.

“Before I was born here,” started Camille, “I had died while existing out there, with all of them, as a star on that canvas. I shined as brightly as I could every waking second of that existence until I burned out and bloomed in Fiddlewood as a flower. And even before my life as a star I lived in other worlds and shined just as brightly. Death and life are one in the same, so as one occurs so does the other. Life, and how we live, is surely the truest aspect of this ritual. It’s an everlasting journey that allows us to learn about ourselves and truly understand who we are.

“I take pieces from each life and bring them with me on my next journey, placing them where they needs to go, like a puzzle about myself being constructed by me. It’s both humbling and liberating being the pilot of your destiny. And now I need to know what it means to be a flower. The scary thing is that once I find out I don’t know what will happen: if I’ll be able to stay here as a flower or forced to continue my journey.”

“There’s no telling how long a peculiar flower can live in Fiddlewood… You’re the only one I’ve ever met,” said 5-Year-Old Con, somewhat shyly.

“I think the answer to this life lies in the music that started playing the day I bloomed. I have to discover it. I have to… The strange thing is, that I haven’t heard the music all day . . . not since I met you.” Camille glided the palm of her hand over the grass and laced her fingers with 5-Year-Old Con’s. “I think I like you too, Con.”

“I can help you find the music, Cami,” said 5-Year-Old Con, after a short silence. “We’ll find out what it means to be a flower together.”

They spent the rest of the night watching lives burn up as stars and continue their journey through everlasting existence with their fingers laced together until morning. That night, once sleep’s embrace fell upon Camille and 5-Year-Old Con, Love greeted them like she had greeted every new pair of lovers that were destined to be together. She left behind a gift for Camille and 5-Year-Old Con that would invite one another into each other’s world, so they could peek into the mind of the person they were destined to spend their lives with.



About Connor Wilkins

Quickly, quickly... take your seat. Our storyteller is about to begin. Shhhh. Listen... His pipes are fluting emotions of myth and fable, but don't be fooled by fantasia for there are truths hidden within his unworldly tellings. We're drifting now... back in time to a world only he remembers.
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