“Kaspar Gottlieb” continued…

IMG_0632.JPG“…Gregor Ribbentrop told my generation of the war in 1939; he told us of the millions of people who would die in vain; he told us that Nazism prevails; he told us of the extinction of the Jewish race and Jewish bolshevism in the East; he told us of the eradication of the vermin in eastern Europe; and he told us that Germany, under the leadership of the glorious Adolf Hitler, destroyed every form of human illegitimacy, ultimately removing undesirable genes from the evolutionary schema to enhance the human condition and the progression of mankind for future generations. He informed us that only North and South America remained independent from Germany after the war, the United States of America having maintained peace and sovereignty by invading the nearby countries to unite them under their definition of freedom: i.e., the preservation of basic human rights, capitalism, and the American dream – an idea they typically extended to middle class white families. “Progress will take time, and some cultures will need to adjust to a more progressive lifestyle,” is how Franklin D. Roosevelt poetically, and subliminally, maintained supposed racial superiority. Who is to say Adolf Hitler was not proud? Compromises had to be made in the name of peace, of course. It happens, what else is there to say? The United States solidified these diversifying cultures by resuming control as a Monarchy, ruled by Franklin D. Roosevelt, and thus the Republic of Independence was formed, leaving only them and sections of the Philippines independent; the latter strictly for trading purposes, tourism, and population relocation, which was also poetically, and subliminally, marketed as a civilized solution. The rest of the world was absorbed by Germany for the expansion of Lebensraum. He told us all of this, proving every word through the books he brought from the future, and we believed him because he was of the highest authority to exist in the present. The greatest world powers united to spread the word of Gregor Ribbentrop, printing millions of copies of the books of salvation, and issuing valid global passports for the authors of the aforementioned books, should they ever choose to visit the past. The whole world absorbed the prophetic description of the future, because no one had the influence to argue otherwise. Suddenly, or, more so, historically, military uniforms no longer accounted for so much authority, and Gregor Ribbentrop praised the change, declaring that that was the way of the future as well, which now meant that the past was the future, and the future was some setting of exaltation and freedom. Heaven.

With Heaven as a place in the future faith became more active among religious sects, a movement first initiated by the Jews, who started the global revolution of peace and acceptance by issuing a universal statement declaring that they understood their role in the future and would not restrict the inevitable progress of mankind with selfishness. Always the chosen race – the closest to God. They followed in the path of a new scripture and proved to the world that their religion was the true, god-spoken gospel of peace and unity of man. The United States of America followed in the footsteps of the Jewish population around the world, and humbly received the responsibility of taking over all of North and South America, and the neighboring islands in the Caribbean, to erect the newfound Republic of Freedom. The handicaps praised the declaration of a healthier tomorrow, reveling in the humanity and evolutionary sensibility. The families issued a likeminded declaration. It does happen, what else is there to say? The French and the British passively voiced their concerns, which led to a contract that functioned as a neo Magna Carta, which constituted particular freedoms for non-German Aryans if they followed the new world order peacefully – the smaller nations in western Europe had no choice but to succumb to this ruling. The Japanese continued to kill the Chinese in the name of good sport, as the act did not deviate from the future described by the holy time traveler, Gregor Ribbentrop. Russia on the other hand censored any information presented by Gregor Ribbentrop, and even went so far as to deny his existence. They did not accept a single syllable, proving their ignorance with mass book burnings and violent pogroms that facilitated throughout Eastern Europe.

For the sake of worldwide harmony, and with the intention to spare lives, all of the parties involved in the future of mankind assembled a vote on the matter of whether they should escalate the transition or let it happen naturally; however, it was also decided that both the United States of America and Germany would each hold thirty three percent voting power since they each held the largest investment in the future, and that Gregor Ribbentrop would hold ten percent voting power because he was the most authoritative individual of present time. The history books of 2037 say this was the decisive moment of contemporary politics. In the end, however, the divisions of voting power did not even matter because everyone voted in favor of the revolution, except for Russia who boycotted the conference by claiming they were not invited. The ayes have it! It does happen, what else is there to say?

The Jewish problem was addressed first, because of the aggravation concerning the subject, and the aim of the progressive transition to the future was focused on peace, after all. The Jews were the biggest advocates for this step, as they wanted to write their place in history as the most selfless, forward thinking, righteous religious people of the past and present. They no longer had a future in the traditional sense. They had everlasting existence ahead of them. Heaven. They would plant their flags in the clouds first. It was agreed that every Jewish family, or anyone with Jewish blood, would be peacefully relocated to Australia, while each Australian would be given the option to relocate to the new Germany or the Republic of Freedom to take up residence in a former Jewish home. Extermination was too harsh, as it contradicted the overall emphasis on peaceful transition, so the world resolved, under Gregor Ribbentrop’s recommendation, that the Jewish race should be allowed to dwindle with the passing years. This would be achieved by outlawing insemination: all sexual acts would be contained by dissolving the sanctity of marriage, and by forcing separation of already married couples; and since the Jews were the most religious people of the past, present, and future they would not dare harm their chances of transcendence by committing such sacrilegious acts as joining in bed outside the confines of marriage. The issue was resolved. Gregor Ribbentrop praised the success and the Jews were forgotten…”

About Connor Wilkins

Quickly, quickly... take your seat. Our storyteller is about to begin. Shhhh. Listen... His pipes are fluting emotions of myth and fable, but don't be fooled by fantasia for there are truths hidden within his unworldly tellings. We're drifting now... back in time to a world only he remembers.
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