“Kaspar Gottlieb” continued…

“…The Britain, France, and Africa issue was an easier problem to accommodate… The new Magna Carta was signed by the glorious Adolf Hitler, which gave undeniable rights to all Aryans. The Africans were not too concerned with this economic and societal shift and continued to do things how they wanted. German language books and deutschmarks were put into circulation in the neighboring countries to help ease the transition while maintaining a productive economy, and French and British parliaments were dissolved entirely to reestablish the monarchies that once ruled, which would help transform, or digress, the psychologies of the citizens to better cater towards the inevitable German dictatorship that would soon rule. Peace was the priority once again. It does happen.

Then came time to address the issue of communism and Jewish bolshevism in the east. Due to Stalin’s ignorance the Jewish population residing in Russia was not granted safe asylum to Australia – a sad occurrence to all progressive thinkers. With this roadblock the inevitable road to Lebensraum was marked with a bloody precursor, but we mustn’t blame the Germans for this obstacle. Gregor Ribbentrop, accompanied by French and British ambassadors attempted to discuss the relocation of Eastern Europe’s population of undesirables; i.e., the whole population. They planned to address the matter of Russian relocation in a similar method as they did with the Jewish problem; however, the Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, and so on did not accept their fate in the new world order, claiming that relocation to Antarctica was inhuman. They claimed that relocation from the motherland was on par with genocide! Luckily for the present, or the past depending on how you look at it, eastern Europeans were not regarded with similar intellect as the rest of the world, so their claim towards injustice was weeded out carefully and disproved by the highest authorities that studied that particular practice. History is written by more than one victor after all. In their refusal the Russians started World War II, so the allies of the world united and fought to destroy communism to reinstate world peace. Gregor Ribbentrop convinced the leaders of the world that sometimes war is necessary so that peace can rein everlasting. The prophet has spoken. What else is there to say? The enemy of peace; the enemy of the future; the enemy of progress: Russia was obliterated by summer 1938 with little casualties to the allies. It was cumbersome killing them off, but after Gregor Ribbentrop suggested that the world build industrialized death camps in Eastern Europe to facilitate the process he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and the issue was completely resolved in a few years time. Monuments and memorials were built to honor the dead, and to commemorate what was expected to be the last war between mankind, then the two hemispheres focused on Lebensraum and solidifying their borders. The future was looking brighter and brighter. This does happen.

Ten years later, however, after all the handicaps had been terminated, the Russians were extinct, the Jews had been forgotten, and two world powers reigned supreme, a Trafalmadorian space craft visited earth for the first time and were shocked to find unprecedented peace between the earthlings. This contradiction to their initial understanding of mankind’s temperance encouraged them to reveal their presence to earth, so they could inquire about this newfound peace that had spread throughout the planet in only ten years. This instance was not recorded in the history books from the year 2037, and was entirely foreign to Gregor Ribbentrop, and was therefore interpreted as a sign from god that showed mankind was on the right path. The Trafalmadorians inquiry was satisfied with a televised meeting with Gregor Ribbentrop, Adolf Hitler and Franklin D. Roosevelt, who also hoped to satisfy their curiosity of the Trafalmadorians relationship with God.

Adolf Hitler educated the Trafalmadorians about the virtues of Nazism and the Aryan bloodline. How mankind can take a progressive role in their own genetic enhancement by expelling irregularities and diseases that are inherited from parent to child. He informed the Trafalmadorians about the Jewish lifestyle and how it was detrimental and incompatible with society, and told them about the benefits of exterminated the eastern vermin, who were genetically inferior on par with non-Aryan bloodlines. Franklin D. Roosevelt informed the Trafalmadorians about their responsibility to take over half the world while humoring certain philosophical requirements of Nazism and Aryan cleansing, so the world may finally see peace, and how the Republic of Freedom achieved this while maintaining certain degree of racial tolerance, which their constitution – now modified – required of them. He also went off on a hefty tangent on how every ruling power needs to be contradicted by an antithesis, otherwise peace and the pursuit of technological innovation grows stale and uninventive, to which Adolf Hitler and Gregor Ribbentrop agreed. Then Adolf Hitler and Franklin D. Roosevelt collaborated in the explanation of Gregor Ribbentrop’s selfless time travel to the year 1936, and how it changed the virtues of religion and helped man exceed the realm of contemporary faith by securing an undeniable connection between them and a power of higher authority. “Peace be upon the name of the Prophet, Gregor Ribbentrop.” It is written.

Gregor Ribbentrop supported his followers by telling the Trafalmadorians about the future of 2036, and how the outcomes that Adolf Hitler and Franklin D. Roosevelt just explained were inevitable and how the generations of the past could have either accepted them and advanced in peace, or rejected them by taking the bloody road to the inevitable outcome. He said all of this like the prophet he was proclaimed to be, showing them the priceless scriptures of the future, which proved that everything he claimed was truthful. He concluded that their rapid advancement towards peace had changed the stars, and that God brought the Trafalmadorians to earth so they could learn from mankind’s tranquility.

The Trafalmadorians, however, with a show of amusement from one another, contradicted everything that Gregor Ribbentrop prophesized about the future with a mocking display of righteous laughter, which they projected telepathically to the three leaders. Humans are so predictable after all. That is written in another language existing in another galaxy…”

About Connor Wilkins

Quickly, quickly... take your seat. Our storyteller is about to begin. Shhhh. Listen... His pipes are fluting emotions of myth and fable, but don't be fooled by fantasia for there are truths hidden within his unworldly tellings. We're drifting now... back in time to a world only he remembers.
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