“Kaspar Gottlieb” concluded.

“…The Trafalmadorians see in fourth dimension – the ability to view past, present, and future simultaneously – thus viewing space and time as a cohesive whole with an obvious understanding of the beginning of the universe, and the end of it. “The destinies of all life in the universe are written in the stars,” they showed. Everything is as it will be and cannot be altered. Fatalism: the term was well known on earth. The Trafalmadorians had seen the end of the universe, which they inevitably cause while experimenting with new fuel capabilities. So it goes – another Trafalmadorian custom (but you will have to stay in the slaughterhouse for that lesson). The Trafalmadorians had also seen the end of mankind, brought upon by a fantastically devastating war over fresh water, which is what supplied them with their original assumptions about the savagery of mankind that they expected to see during this visit. But you know what they say about assuming; that term is also well known on earth. The Trafalmadorians project images of man’s internal destruction, and point out at that there are no Nazi flags flying on the battlefield, nor any Republic of Freedom flags, because both of those factions, which only existed for a fraction of the human existence, are conquered and in the end – even after world war two, the Holocaust, ethnic cleansing, and the extermination of freedom around the world – the Jewish faith survives, as does the Russian culture, which endured their exile in Antarctica of all places, and lived up to their stereotypical wretchedness by passing on mutated genes to their offspring, which reinvigorated the supposed existence of physical and mental disabilities! The list goes on and on, you get the picture. The Trafalmadorians also explain that, even with the existence of mental disabilities, it was the philosophies governing the ideology of Nazism that had the most detrimental effects on the cognitive and artistic abilities of the human mind. The culture ruined uniqueness, philosophy, and scientific innovation by perpetuating a state of hate and scrutiny. This mental deterioration was irreparable, according to the stars, because it caused the frontal lobe to swell up and suffocate other parts of the brain, which killed off the ability to think rationally, thus turning mankind into careless, destructive beasts that eventually ruin the world by polluting the reserves of fresh water to an undrinkable state, which therefore leads to the war that would exterminate mankind. They, in the plainest terms that even the humans of the distant future could understand, became animals. It is written. And the humans knew it was the truth because the Trafalmadorians were from the past, present, and future, and lived in a planet 1,000,000,000,000 light years away, and were therefore the highest authority in the galaxy, so they decided that it would be progressive of them to run towards the future yet again, achieving this result by abandoning rational and creative thought for an animalistic nature – the instinct of the future.

Look up! Even the stars saw what was coming next. Mankind denounces Gregor Ribbentrop as their prophet with a hailstorm of blasphemy, and suddenly he becomes a heretic. It is written. No one particularly missed the Russians or Communism except for the Russians who were hiding in Antarctica, but it was agreed that the Jews were treated with great injustice due to Gregor Ribbentrop’s rhetoric, so they put the false prophet at their mercy. No one asked about all the newborn children in Australia. Marriage is a wonderful thing. Naturally, the Jews crucified Gregor Ribbentrop in the heart of Jerusalem, Australia. The Jews, Christians, Protestants, Evangelists, Muslims, and Buddhists all got together for the occasion – mankind’s cleansing from Gregor Ribbentrop’s satanic rhetoric – a global baptism under fatalism, for lack of a better term. The party lasted three weeks, and during that festival, which dissolved the two standing superpowers, the Trafalmadorians asked all of the world leaders if they would pick up where they left off: i.e., world war two, and it was decided, after very little consideration (political decisions were so much easier when fatalism is emphasized over religion) that the war must obviously be written in the stars, to which the Trafalmadorians do not question. And the world leaders do not ask their opinion because they reinstate themselves as the highest authority of all, higher than the Trafalmadorians, and higher than a god they no longer believe in, which makes everything they say about time and space an accepted orthodox: mankind will live, advance, suffer under Nazism and many other governments, live some more, die, advance, live, fight, lose freewill, and kill each other off. It is written. They realize there is nothing they can do to alter the wars that lead to their inevitable extinction, so the new world leaders agree that it would progressive to go ahead and abandon human rationality and wisdom for the futuristic mindset. At that point, and under their new way of thinking, war seems like the only logical way to move forward – after all, the suffering of the people does not really matter in the large scheme of things, so those who are given a chance at glory should seize it. The present is now the future, and mankind is already ashes in a non-existent universe.”

The End

These words have come to me from the fires of my age. Today, fire is of the highest authority: it is shown in the dust of cities and upon the faces of dead men and women, and it tells me that the age of savagery – the age of the animal – has already begun. I think of the false prophet, Kaspar Gottlieb, and his wisdom, which now only exists through me, and I find myself looking up at the stars trying to read the lines of my own fate. But what is truth to a sinner like me, anyway?

About Connor Wilkins

Quickly, quickly... take your seat. Our storyteller is about to begin. Shhhh. Listen... His pipes are fluting emotions of myth and fable, but don't be fooled by fantasia for there are truths hidden within his unworldly tellings. We're drifting now... back in time to a world only he remembers.
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