On Creation


Prudent – not so much

We experimented with the biology of flora before we made any attempts to alter the genetic makeup of creatures on earth. We would sprout gardens of wooden flowers along the banks of the Euphrates; or transform oak trees into glass during the winter so they could not be distinguished from the snow that gathered at the base of their trunks. We would calcify fields of orchids before summoning mighty winds to sweep them away and recycle them in some far off place; and, my favorite, which was the manipulation of gravity so vines, and otherwise earthly things, would float in a pleasant medium, never hanging, never soaring. Over time plains were reduced to deserts and oceans surfed elsewhere so that mountains could rise from their wake. And we were responsible for these changings, as well. Through our mastery of physics, matter, and biology we became the creators of these principles, capable of rewriting the codes that dictate the parameters of reality. More importantly, by learning how the world operated we were able to take recreation to its highest enlightenment: creation. Understand that we gods are an extension of the universe – a segment of its ever-evolving personality experiencing itself. We were the universe personified, and were, therefore, designed to continue the task of creating new life; for if the universe is the bearer of all living things (and, as we would eventually learn, dead things too) then it is our purpose to emulate that behavior by creating new life, and nurturing said life so that it may one day create as we have (and, as we would eventually learn, to destroy). Furthermore, since the universe created us to be a likeness of itself – to create and destroy and recreate as it does – then should it not be a primary function of our creation that we instill these very same principles? In the instance of our coming into consciousness, and in the instance of your coming to consciousness, too, we are consumed by the functions of creation, destruction, and evolution. And no matter how the principles of our realities are rewritten these underlying functions of our existence maintain the foundation of the only eternities we will ever experience: life and death.

So, those of us who wanted to recreate did so, and we called this forceful guidance — this hypnotism of anatomy, function, and consciousness — Aristeia. And those of us who wanted to create new life did so, and we called this engineering. And those of us who wanted to destroy did so, and we called this godliness.

Those of us who wanted to rewrite ourselves did so, and we called this suicide.

I was the first of my kind to consider the enlightenment of living beyond my own life to become somethingsomewheresometime. To embody the functions of eternities one must unify creation, destruction and renewal; and in order to do so one must destroy their singular presence. My hypothesis: to elevate one’s psyche past the confines of singularity and into a multiplicity of consciousnesses capable of embodying conflicting eternities – for me, to become earth itself – then one must fight immortality. More simply noted, I killed myself… The first instance of immortality colliding with suicide was a grand contradiction (and notably the first instance of humor). This imbalance between life and death placed me in a purgatory that fluctuated between both eternities, and it redefined whowhatwhen I was. Destruction: I hanged myself from a tree perched upon a cliff overlooking the Dead Sea with wet clothes and my hair matted by sediment. I had filled my pockets with the four elements and buried mine own heart at the base of the tree I was to hang from. I guided my regrowth further by swallowing one thousand and one different seeds from across the world, and when the last seed was swallowed I broke my neck. Then I hanged there, neither dead nor living, acting as a host body for the planet growing inside me while my brothers and sisters continued to change the world that I was to become. Death visited my suicide. She showed me fairness, offering her blessing so I could walk along the path of lives lived and those fated to be lived. Hers was obvious enough, but there were others to choose from. Renewal: I entered the path that was a hole and the entrance was covered behind me. My consciousness left my body behind; my body served as fertilizer. And I grew. A billion existences passed through me, and I became them all. The arches of their existences was the arch of my own existence; their births were my births; their offspring were my offspring and me simultaneously, and their deaths were mine to eternalize.”

About Connor Wilkins

Quickly, quickly... take your seat. Our storyteller is about to begin. Shhhh. Listen... His pipes are fluting emotions of myth and fable, but don't be fooled by fantasia for there are truths hidden within his unworldly tellings. We're drifting now... back in time to a world only he remembers.
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